Observation Platform for Technological and Institutional Consolidation of research in Safety

OPTICS aims at providing a comprehensive evaluation of relevant EU safety-oriented R&I activities in aviation, to assess their contribution towards the achievement of FlightPath 2050 goals.

OPTICS adopts a twofold approach: bottom-up evaluation of actual R&I allows the identification of gaps and bottlenecks; it is complemented with top-down workshops in which selected experts in the aviation safety-related field identify issues and opportunities for future research.

OPTICS offers strategic recommendations and support to aviation stakeholders in establishing safety research priorities, and in finding out which gaps & bottlenecks in the research landscape hamper progress towards the achievement of FlightPath 2050 goals.

Our role

Deep Blue provides knowledge about projects dealing with safety issues (such as CAATS and CAATS II) and ensures the link and transfer of information with the EXCROSS Coordination Action.

We also contribute to populate the data repository and to perform the assessment of state-of-the-art research landscape.

Finally, we play a key role in the dissemination and networking activities, taking care of project website, producing infographic and other dissemination material, and helping organising external workshops and facilitation events.

3 things to know

  • The Project Repository created within OPTICS provides a global overview of safety-related R&I activities and assesses their contribution towards achieving the ACARE Flightpath 2050 goals.
  • OPTICS supports decision makers in identifying gaps & bottleneck of current research landscape.
  • The project contributes to establishing safety research priorities and provides strategic recommendations on the most important future research avenues.


KeyWords: Safety Management, Safety Monitoring, Security

Period: September 2013 - August 2017


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