Skills and competences development of future transportation professionals at all levels

SKILLFUL's vision is to identify the skills and competences needed by the Transport workforce of the future and to define the training methods and tools to meet them. The project's aims are threefold:

  1. To critically review the existing, emerging and future knowledge and skills requirements of workers at all levels in the transportation sector;
  2. To structure the key specifications and components of the curricula and training courses to optimally meet these competence requirements;
  3. To identify and propose new business roles in the education and training chain, to achieve European-wide competence development and sustainable take-up.

Our role
Deep Blue leads the Interdisciplinary thematic courses on key technologies, services and trends and plays a key role in the project communication strategy, being dissemination leader for the Air sector.
Moreover, we supervise the air sector personnel training and we contribute to the co-design of a training course on fatigue and inattention management (due to long shifts and high overload) for rail and air controllers.
In addition, we take part in the development of automation technologies and related user acceptance, ethical and security issues.

3 Things to know

  • SKILLFUL is innovative in its holistic approach, covering all transport modes (including multimodal) and all educational levels, training methods and tools.
  • The project also brings business innovation, defining new actor roles (such as “knowledge aggregator”, “training certifier” and “training promoter”) that may change future training provision and become the catalyst for sustainability in real world conditions.
  • This modular project looks at short-term (to 2020), medium-term (to 2030) and long-term (to 2050) horizons, with intermediate targets and scenarios that may easily be adapted in light of future market or technological changes.

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KeyWords: Aviation, Communication, Cross-mode, Maritime, Rail, Road

Period: October 2016 - September 2019


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