Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations

Mobility4EU and MIND-SETS project are pleased to announce the public event “Towards user-centric transport in Europe. Challenges, solutions and collaborations”, to be held on the 22-23 of May at the Conference Centre Bouche à Oreille in Brussels.

The public event will bring together experts for innovations in transport and mobility across all modes to discuss the new challenges and new demands on transport in Europe.

Keynote speakers will provide the impetus for a discussion with a selection of ongoing European projects that are looking into future transport and mobility needs and solutions in Europe. Together with the conference participants, they will create a new prism through which to understand European transport.

Attendance is free but places are limited: early registration is recommended. Register now!

For more info, have a look at the draft agenda.

Date: 12/04/2017