Deep Blue operates in contexts with high security, dependability and resilience requirements, such as Air Traffic Management, Aeronautics, Airports, Railways and Healthcare.

Deep Blue supports the design and validation of secure, dependable, trustworthy and resilient solutions taking into account humans, their practices and procedures and the interaction with all the components of a complex socio-technical system.

Deep Blue analyses the security and dependability of systems and procedures, based on current regulations in Air Traffic Management (ESARR4, ATM Security Risk Assessment Methodology) and state-of-the-art methodologies in various application fields (HAZOP, FMEA).

  • Activity and Work Analysis

  • Socio-technical Systems Modeling

  • Security and Dependability Patterns Elicitation

  • Behavioral Modeling for Decision Making in Security Threats

  • System Dependability Evaluation

  • Risk Analysis in Critical Systems

  • Best Practices for Risk Mitigation

  • Scientific Dissemination