Deep Blue operates in the domains of civil aviation and rail traffic, contributing to safety improvement with research studies and applied solutions. These include:

  • Analysing the safety of systems and procedures, based on current regulations and state-of-the-art methodologies.
  • Supporting organisations in change management processes for the introduction of new tools and technologies.
  • Promoting the implementation of Safety Management System for the effective use of safety data.

Deep Blue offers specific expertise in the integration of advanced technological systems and human operators. We strive to optimize the quality of computer-supported work, in order to enhance safety and reduce negative consequences of human errors and technical failures.

Safety services

  • Safety-Human Factors Integration
  • Activity and Work Analysis
  • Safety Cases
  • Safety Assessment
  • Risk Analysis
  • Human Reliability Analysis
  • Incident Investigation
  • Simulation and Trials
  • Scientific Dissemination