Interaction Design

Deep Blue provides consultancy in the analysis, design and evaluation of complex systems in terms of relations and interactions between users, the environment, tools, procedures and regulations. Starting from a systematic application of user-centred principles and participatory design, Deep Blue integrates creative processes of innovative concept generation with technology benchmarking and activity analysis in the field. In generating and testing solutions, aesthetic, functional, organisational, emotional and cultural aspects of the interaction are taken into equal account in their impact on the cognitive performance.

Interaction design Services

Deep Blue has a consolidate experience in the development of innovative concepts. We generate solutions through the integration of user observation and creative techniques, but also evaluate them through iterative rapid prototyping. Specific services in the area of Interaction design include:

  • Activity and work analysis producing activity models and real life scenarios
  • Innovative concept generation represented in form of video scenarios, interactive simulation and animations
  • User-centred design
  • Scenario-based design
  • Prototype development to simulate new concepts and allow user assessment.

Other services include Multimedia content design and development and scientific dissemination.