Application Modeling & Eng.

Deep Blue is involved in the process of development and evaluation for innovative applications in critical domains, such as Air Traffic Management. Our approach is driven by User Centered Design principles during all the phases of software design. Through our well established experience in socio-technical systems analysis and modeling we are able to support and perform all the steps of development process by different iterations of design, tests and evaluations. Thanks to our scientific background we propose and develop techniques and algorithms for traffic optimization, especially in the field of transports. In particular, we use a Game Theory approach to address Collision Detection and Resolution and traffic optimization for ATM.

The Application Modeling & Engineering team of Deep Blue is creating innovative solutions to increase automation level and quality in several domains.

  • Requirements Collection

  • Activity and Work Analysis

  • Socio-technical Systems Modeling

  • HMI Design

  • Algorithm engineering&development

  • Computer-based Simulations

  • Protype Evaluation

Projects in this field: